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I tell you, of all the doggone nonsensical nuisances that was ever invented—" Three minutes later, after Babbitt had wailed, "Well, I don't know whether I'm going to dress or NOT" in a manner which showed that he was going to dress, the discussion Sinclair lewis on.

He entered Yale University inpursuing his interest in writing and publishing his work in student magazines. Inspired by the book, director—producer Kenneth Johnson wrote an adaptation titled Storm Warnings in At the age of 13 he unsuccessfully ran away from home, wanting to become a drummer boy in the Spanish—American War.

Main Street was to become not only his first commercial success, but a publishing phenomenon in the United States and abroad. The themes of conformity and discontent come under scrutiny in both Main Street and Babbitt, although each protagonist makes different choices in trying to deal with the limitations thrust upon them by small town life and business, respectively.

Rome, Italy American writer Although Sinclair Lewis was one of the most famous American writers of the s, today his popular, mildly satirical poking fun at human folly novels are valued mainly for their descriptions of social institutions and relationships of that time.

Kingsblood Royal is a novel of race relations. Lewis continued his success in the s with Arrowsmitha novel about the challenges faced by an idealistic doctor. Lewis produced a great deal of writing in the following years, but none of these works were as successful as his earlier efforts.

Later critics also felt that the Nobel Prize Lewis had won in should have gone to the stronger novelist Theodore Dreiser — instead. Lewis was overshadowed by other American writers, including Ernest Hemingway — and William Faulkner —who had yet to appear when Lewis first attracted attention.

Over the years he developed a pattern of working to excess and then between novels drinking to excess. Some came from the world of Prohibition, and many from African American culture.

Sinclair Lewis Biography

Here are passages from two novels Lewis wrote that are similar to the quote attributed to him. Lewis always researched his novels extensively, whether he took photographs of Sauk Centre, Minnesota for Main Street or interviewed ministers for Elmer Gantry.

You must be home in time to dress to-night. Throughout his lonely boyhood, the ungainly Lewis—tall, extremely thin, stricken with acne and somewhat pop-eyed—had trouble gaining friends and pined after various local girls.

They contend that such self-questioning reflects the distaste that intellectuals like Lewis, and certainly not the average person, felt for the common materialism and mindless boosterism of the United States during the s. It was produced as a play by the Federal Theatre with 21 companies in His father, grandfather, and older brother were all small-town doctors.

The novel ends after the beginning of the conflict, with Jessup working as an agent for the New Underground in Corpo-occupied portions of southern Minnesota.

He followed this success with Arrowsmitha satiric study of the medical profession, with emphasis on the frustration of fine scientific ideals. Like many aspiring writers Lewis began his career freelancing; he sold light verse to magazines like Puck and Life.

After his graduation inLewis spent several years doing newspaper and editorial work in various parts of the United States. In he died in Rome of heart failure, where he was working on his last novel, World So Wide, subsequently published posthumously.

Remember, you have to dress. The script was presented to NBC for production as a television miniseriesbut NBC executives rejected the initial version, claiming it was too cerebral for the average American viewer. The middle-class businessman and resident of the up-and-coming town of Zenith who is the title character of Babbitt is probably Lewis's best-known creation.

The screenplay was deemed too political by MGM studio executives and was shelved, and the film was never made.

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After graduation Lewis moved from job to job and from place to place in an effort to make ends meet, write fiction for publication and to chase away boredom.

Inhe rented Thorvale Farm on Oblong Road. Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless. Despite its often simplistic look at science as a means of saving one's soul, Arrowsmith was offered the Pulitzer Prize.

Next Lewis focused on the American businessman in Babbittperhaps his major work. Lewis purposely wrote in a fantastic style, ignoring formal plot development or structure.

Sinclair Lewis Biography

Another version isfrom Halford E. Like to get some gin.Sinclair Lewis: Sinclair Lewis, American novelist and social critic who punctured American complacency with his broadly drawn, widely popular satirical novels.

He won the Nobel Prize for Literature inthe first given to an American. Lewis graduated from Yale University () and was for a time a reporter.

Arrowsmith [Sinclair Lewis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. the book follows the life of Martin Arrowsmith, a rather ordinary fellow who gets his first taste of medicine at 14 as an assistant to the drunken physician in his home dominicgaudious.nets: Babbitt (Dover Thrift Editions) [Sinclair Lewis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Prosperous and socially prominent, George Babbitt appears to have everything a man could wish: good health/5(). Harry Sinclair Lewis [1] >Although Harry Sinclair Lewis [2] () was the most celebrated >American literary figure of the s, his popular, mildly satirical novels >today are valued mainly for their sociohistorical relevance.

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Sinclair also offers online courses and degree programs. About Sinclair Lewis: Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit /5(K).

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