Penetration test plan

This vulnerability could lead to theft of user accounts, leakage of sensitive information, or full system compromise. It is not uncommon for primary and secondary goals to be very closely related.

Create an emergency contact list. It should be noted that as part of different levels of testing, the questions for Business Unit Managers, Systems Administrators, and Help Desk Personnel may not be required. Comprehensive Penetration Tests Our comprehensive penetration testing services mimic an attacker seeking to access sensitive assets by exploiting security weaknesses existing across multiple systems.

Be sure that any pretexts chosen for the test are approved in writing before testing is to begin. If a customer refuses to pay for the extra work, it is almost never worth staying on to Penetration test plan that work.


There are ways to prove that the vault door was opened without taking any of the money. How cautious the testers should be on a given engagement is a parameter which needs to be discussed with the client, but the firm doing the testing should always be sure to protect themselves in a legal sense regardless of client opinion.

The consultant determined this risk score based on one high risk and several medium risk vulnerabilities, along with the success of directed attack.

Such assessments are also useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, as well as, end-user adherence to security policies.

Dealing with Third Parties There are a number of situations where an engagement will include testing a service or an application that is being hosted by a third party. Gather the following information about each emergency contact: This area will be a narrative of the overall effectiveness of the test and the pentesters ability to achieve the goals set forth within the pre engagement sessions.

These systems have been identified as risk ranking and contain data classification level data which, if accessed inappropriately, could cause material harm to Client.

Penetration Test plan

This could be as simple as identifying local hotels, or complex as identifying the applicable laws of a specific target country. Questions for Business Unit Managers Is the manager aware that a test is about to be performed?

The test will not uncover vulnerabilities in the underlying infrastructure which may still provide an avenue to compromise the application.

Penetration Testing for IT Infrastructure

It is not uncommon for larger organizations to delay payment for as long as possible. Capabilities and Technology in Place Good penetration tests do not simply check for un-patched systems. How many total IP addresses are being tested?

Take into consideration that prices can be lowered since the firm avoided the costs of acquiring the customer such as the formal RFP process and hunting for the customer itself.

Curious as to what these entail and what sort of findings you will obtain after conducting this service?Reporting.

Views. Page; Discussion; View source; History; This section will communicate to the reader the specific goals of the Penetration Test and the high level findings of the testing exercise.

The intended audience will be those who are in charge of the oversight and strategic vision of the security program as well as any members of. Penetration testing guide - Explained all details like pentest tools, types, process, certifications and most importantly sample test cases for penetration testing.

Oct 13,  · While a penetration test may involve use of automated tools and process frameworks, the focus is ultimately on the individual or team of testers, the experience they bring to the test, and the. A test plan scope defining what is in scope and what is out of scope and why: The scope of this project is to perform a penetration test on the web-based application server, Cisco Core Backbone Network, and post penetration test assessment.

Plan an effective monitoring plan during the pen test. While the pen test is being done by an external team to test the layered defenses, it can also be a very good test of your monitoring and.

This security test plan template was created by the National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resource (NESCOR) to provide guidance to electric utilities on how to perform penetration tests on AMI systems.

Penetration test plan
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