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Roger Williams talks high-speed rail In America there seems to be a constant conundrum — big businesses are maintained by and rely on burning fossil fuels, including the massive air and road transport industries.

Airlines want to deliver a desirable product and that means a product that combines the emotional and the practical. However, there is potential for more intuitive engagement on catering, as done for ticketing and scheduling information.

We support airlines by providing the tools and functionalities that will engage their passengers through the entertainment capabilities, flight maps, onboard shopping, concierge services or NPS Net Promoter Scores.

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Well firstly think vegetarianism and veganism. Onboard retail is clearly going to grow significantly and a big part of that will be about bringing retail brands onboard.

Design inspiration comes from all over: From September 12 the airline will introduce new menus with improved recipes and signature warm breads on flights to and from Heathrow and Gatwick. Novelties such as events performed onboard, concerts, conferences, wine and product tasting, prize awards and brand promotions are some of the other endless possibilities.

We welcome senior personnel from across the airline, hospitality, tourism, inflight service and product supplier sectors as members and our gatherings are designed as relaxed networking events with time to build friendships and established shared goals in a relaxed environment.

The reduced stress and improved well-being that passengers experience when properly looked after in transit, in stations and onboard is always underestimated but makes such a difference to customer satisfaction.

France, Spain and Netherlands, and a number of worldwide collaborations. We are already pioneering connections through an International Food Tourism Forum, as culinary experiences are a key way to attract tourists to the region. New customers for BoardConnect Portable include Virgin Australia, which is installing the boxes on its smaller regional aircraft.

In this way, Immfly is opening the door for brands to advertise at 30, feet. We are a young, agile company full of creative, ambitious, problem solvers striving to change how this industry works.

In addition, KrisFlyer members have access to additional hours of inflight entertainment content. The Gate Gourmet team in Italy is now serving Alitalia flights from five locations: The higher reliance on pre-order means that the loading of fresh food will be more accurate and customised.

This is just the start of a journey. What would you like to see happen in this space in the next few years? Here she explains how the retail world can inspire new opportunities onboard Understand the influences Today, our exposure to retail brands is constant, and the trends we need to watch are no longer set by the brands alone.

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We can all now pretty much order any world cuisine from an app from our home and have it delivered to our sofa. We have had interest from six or seven other carriers too and see Dublin fast becoming a major base. They have built an exemplary operation that meets international business planning manager gategroup holding standards and sets new ones on this continent.

The masks allow for natural eye movement while the birdlike beak provides a seal against the face to block out light. The toys are part of a refreshed kids offer for six to 12 year old alongside specially-designed Fly with Me Lonely Planet activity bags.

Here he talks legroom and cabin comforts. The client roster also includes companies in the transport sector and private clients. James McIntyre, procurement director, MSC Cruise Management talks trends… The cruise market is experiencing huge growth, especially due to the broadening demographic range of its guests.

We see a growing role for these pick and mix style solutions, they can save airlines rushing to develop a brand new Premium Economy line. We opened our new Melbourne facilities late last year, combining three units into one, and now cater some 49 airlines across Australia.

We are also in the process of rebranding all the Alpha in Australia facilities to the dnata name. The appointment of a new ceo, Jeremy Clark, and two new forum ambassadors, Salim Hazife, gm at Perth Inflight Catering, and Afdal Amir, vp corporate marketing for PT Aerofood Indonesia, will enable us to move forward on our targets more quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits to the airline of using this solution? We realised that the aviation industry really lacked an innovative system to enable airlines to interact digitally with passengers in an autonomous way.Alantra provides mergers & acquisitions advice to its clients globally including advice in acquisitions and divestments, domestic and cross-border, mergers, strategic alliances and joint ventures, public takeovers and defense advisory, valuations and fairness opinions, spin-offs, carve-outs and de-mergers and leverage buy-outs and management buy.

Kaelis designs tableware for GOL September 19, GOL Linhas Aéreas will introduce new tableware in Premium and Economy, designed by Kaelis. The Economy offering is a disposable set that includes an aluminium casserole and plastic bowls and cutlery.

Adele Wolstenhulme talks health. Flying is a tough business for both the body and an airline’s bottom line. Health and wellness expert, Adele Wolstenhulme, discusses ways to improve both. Peter Rebelo Coelho, LSG Group, talks rail. The rail market in Europe is set to open up in As a result, each rail operator will need to reassess and re-evaluate its strategic positioning in a decidedly more competitive marketplace.

Technology meets good taste November 13, Technology met good taste in Singapore this week as airline executives and suppliers from across the region came together for the inaugural Onboard Hospitality Forum – Asia, hosted within the Future Travel Experience Asia EXPO. Developer ECC Real Estate has opened for business its Nowa Stacja shopping center in Pruszków near Warsaw.

The mall comprises approximately 27, sqm of.

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Business planning manager gategroup holding
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