Breadtalk group limited a stable staple

Inventory management is prudent as most of the required raw materials are easily available and are delivered daily by suppliers. Following worries regarding the global economy, we would be keeping a close eye on BreadTalks margins in its upcoming 2Q09 results.

Due to factors such as rising flour prices during the drought in China, there were speculations that China may be required to import wheat Coonan The group is also in a strong net cash position which is vital in tight credit markets.

The quality of food items may be affected by a change in or a shortage of staff or the lack of proper inspection by the in-house operations team. Due to the stable nature of its business, there are no significant seasonal trends in the financial years under review.

The recent sale of Kopitiam to NTUC Enterprise for an undisclosed sum is not expected to materially change the industry landscape, according to management. Despite the slower growth in revenues and the rise in expenses, BreadTalk is still making overall profit as the Earnings.

Most of the stall operators in its coffee shops and hawker centre are charged a fixed monthly fee or rent, respectively. Thus, the location of the outlets plays an important element to drive high volume of sales. Furthermore, a countrys GDP is closely related withconsumer spending.

BreadTalk has built a regional footprint of more than stores in Asia over the past decade. This report is strictly private and confidential and has not been reviewed by, deposited or registered with UAE Central Bank or any other licensing authority or governmental agencies in the United Arab Emirates.

Lastly, the Franchise segment comprises franchised bakery outlets.

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It also manages a mall. She was previously the Finance Director of Topwin Singapore prior to which she was in charge of the human resource and operations of more than 20 food and beverage outlets in Taiwan.

It serves traditional favourites such as peanut butter thick toast, mee siam, kaya toast and soft boiled eggs. Before entering politics, he was involved in the start-up of the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park as its founding chief executive officer inlaying the foundation and framework for infrastructure and utilities development for the industrial park. ~ Where SG Investors Share

At the same time, the country also has the largest percentage of exports to China, making its economy most vulnerable to these two factors. Locally, BreadTalk had also gained recognition from various local awards such as the Singapore Promising Brand Award, which suggest the popularity of the products.

Strategic placements of BreadTalk outlets at high traffic volume places attract potential customers. Market segmentation is the separation of consumers in the market based on their geographical, psychological, behavioural and demographic differences. We are expecting at least more additions to its portfolio in FY The information and opinions in this report are not and should not be construed or considered as an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell the subject securities, related investments or other financial instruments thereof.

Net profit forecast to grow at While our forex house view implies currency depreciation has largely played out, the negative impact on consumer companies would be hit hardest in 3QQ Competition With the increase in emerging bakeries, BreadTalk encounters a tough competition against competitors like Delifrance along with other competitors in the food court industry such as Food Junctions.

A sampling of popular BreadTalk items Source: Some stores are also located near popular departmental stores and supermarkets. Past Payout Ratio from Year to Comparison of Profit Margin.

Therefore, the risk premium is calculated to be 0. The distribution of this report is not an offer to sell to any person in Sweden or a solicitation to any person in Sweden to buy any instruments described herein and may not be forwarded to the public in Sweden.BreadTalk Group Limited is a food and beverage company with 3 business segments: bakeries, restaurants and food courts.

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Founded in April by Mr. George Quek, BreadTalk launched its signature Pork Floss bun in Singapore. Dec 22,  · A BreadTalk bakery in Shanghai. BreadTalk, a Singapore chain, opened its first outlet in China in and now has shops in the country. Credit Breadtalk Group Limited. Staple spending, however, is likely to remain resilient as Singaporean households are among the wealthiest in the world.

Analyst Report BREADTALK GROUP LIMITED ( Consumer Sector SHENG SIONG GROUP LTD Stable Outlook; Stay At BUY UMS Holdings Ltd - CGS-CIMB Research The Downcycle Begins Chip Eng Seng - DBS Research Today Breadtalk owns 24 retail outlet in Singapore and Breadtalk Group Ltd was listed on SGX in Breadtalk has retail outlets worldwide and has spread their wings by opening “Branches” in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and People’s Republic of China, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Korea, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

(BreadTalk Group Limited, ) Social Breadtalk Group Limited has celebrated its ten years anniversary in with seven brands, four hundred and forty-eight outlets spreading over thirteen countries in South East Asia and Middle East.

BreadTalk Group Limited: A Stable Staple Essay INITIATING COVERAGE 28 May RECOM PRICE/TARGET PRICE MKT CAPITALISATION BOARD SECTOR Buy S$/ S$ S$ Catalist Consumer -F&B BreadTalk Group Limited A stable staple BREAD SP Michelle Tan, (65) – [email protected] BreadTalk was incorporated in Singapore on 6 Mar

Breadtalk group limited a stable staple
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